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Why Should I Air Condition My Garage?

If you are new to the Desert Southwest, it will only take you one Summer to learn what the old timers have known for years. In the Heat of the Summer, even in a well-constructed home, your Garage can turn into an afternoon oven. This phenomenon creates several serious problems:

  • Your car may become so hot that you can’t even bear to get in it.
  • Food or perishables spoil almost instantly.
  • A refrigerator or freezer located in your garage may only last one or two years.
  • The Heat can even cause damage to furniture, sports equipment, and other items stored there.
  • The Heat also severely shortens the life of batteries (cars and trucks, golf carts, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, power tools, camping gear, etc.).
  • A simple workout on a home gym can become a death defying feat at 100° +.
  • What might have been a useful space for crafts or other projects, in a different climate, becomes totally unusable from May through October.

If you would like to turn your Garage into a Space that is useful again, even in extreme temperatures, give us a call at JSL Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating, we have a solution.

Can I use My House A/C system to Cool my Garage?

The answer to that question is a simple NO, for several reasons:

  • First, your house A/C system was sized to meet the needs of your house only and it does not have enough capacity to cool the garage as well.
  • Second, modern housing Codes do not allow intermingling of garage and house air because of safety issues.
  • Third, most of the time you would not want your garage cooled or heated to the same temperature as your main living space.

What do you use for a Garage Air Conditioner?

A great solution for a Garage Air Conditioner is a Ductless Mini-Split. There are many reasons why we like this option:

  • First, Mini-Splits have been used for years, even for whole house cooling and heating in Europe and the Orient. This is proven technology.
  • These systems require no ductwork and can be easily installed in most any garage.
  • These systems can be as much as 40% to 60% more efficient than the central air system in your home (depending on its age).
  • With this system you can control the temperature in the garage independently from the temperature in your home.
  • There are several good systems available which provide you with many choices for quality, capacity, and price.

Will a Mini-Split work in your Garage?

We will provide a FREE, No Obligation, inspection and quote at your convenience. Call today to schedule an appointment at 702-346-COOl (2665).

To learn more about the type of products we use click on one of the following links; Daikin 15 or Daikin 19.

FOR AN HVAC SYSTEM THAT DELIVERS, CALL 702-346-COOl (2665) AND LEARN MORE ABOUT JSL Iceberg Air Conditioning and Heating.

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